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Monday, November 11, 2013

Tudung,kerongsang,Archilles Tendon

salam kwn2...

sorry sbb lm x update blog..bkn apa busy skt 2,3 menjak ni...busy ngn kerja rmh..juai tudung ngn produk terbaru tau cheq juai..sblm ni dok juai brg2 avon, sendayu tinggi ngn cosway..yg tu msh jd ahli kalau nak order brg,ley je order kat cheq..hihihi...

so, la ni cheq dok juai tudung bawal tau..1 tone..sehelai RM 8..mcm2 colour ada..hari tu yg first order tgai g sehelai je lg..amik 10 amik pl..sok sampai..kl ni amik 20 helai pl..kerongsang pun sm..1 RM 3..2 RM 5..blh lah nak tmbah dt poket sikit2..hehehe..nanti cheq update gmbq tudung ngn kerongsang k...

sblm tu cheq x cita g kan psl sakit abah cheq..abah cheq skt "Archilles Tendon"..sakit kat bahagian jln ja kn pakai tongkat..start skt ms Hari Raya Haji hari tu..mkn ubat and then baik..sakit pl hari Ahad mg yg sm..Isnin tu p klinik biasa..doc suspect Gout..doc bg ubat and cucuk kat kaki..x lega jg..p berurut hari Selasa tu..x lega jg..hari Rabu tu p jp doc pakar..doc tu ckp bkn Gout tp skt tendon..sbb dia  salah satu ialah accident..kedua,aktif bersukan..ketiga sbb kasut..keempat,sbb jalan terlalu lama or kerap sgt..1 g pe ntah..kat bwh ni cheq ada cari maklumat psl sakit ni..t bc lah ek..hari tu abah cheq cuti kedua p sek tp kami kn hntq..msk mg ke3 Alhamdulillah dah ley bw kereta sndiri tp still sakit jg lah kaki tu..t nak kn jp doc 16 hb ni..6 hb hari tu dah jp..doc kata lmbt sembuh sbb abah dok naik tangga..tu yg abah cheq order katil ngn air cond letak kat blk bwh tu..dia tidoaq kat bwh..mak cheq lah teman..hehe..

oklah..that's all for today..t sambung lagi..salam...

Achilles Tendon Injury Overview

There are many causes, types of, treatments for, and steps to prevent Achilles tendon injury.
Causes of Achilles Tendon Injury
Overuse, misalignment, improper footwear, medication side effects, and/or accidents can all result in Achilles tendon injuries. Genetics can also be a factor. Multiple causes often contribute to the same Achilles tendon injury. For information on each of these Achilles tendon injury causes, see Causes of Achilles Tendon Injury
Preventing Achilles Tendon Injury
The best way to prevent an Achilles tendon injury is to a) stay in overall good shape, and b) warm-up, stretch, and strengthen the Achilles tendons. The best way to prevent an Achilles tendon injury from getting worse is to address the injury immediately: it will get worse if not addressed. For more information on preventing Achilles tendon injuries see: Preventing Achilles Tendon Injury.
Types of Achilles Tendon Injuries
Undue strain results in over 230,000 Achilles tendon injuries per year in the U.S. alone. The undue strain could be caused by a variety of factors, including: tightness or weakness of the leg, knee, hip, or back; high or low arches; uneven leg lengths; alternating between high (2”) heels and exercise shoes; and/or sudden (rather than gradual) increases in training, such as running faster, further, or up steeper hills.
The most common Achilles tendon injuries are Achilles tendinosis (also known as Achilles tendinopathy or misspelled Achilles tendonopathy) and Achilles tendon rupture. Achilles tendinosis is a soreness and stiffness that comes on gradually and continues to worsen until treated. It often starts with stiffness and creaking when first getting out of bed in the morning. Lightly pinching the Achilles tendon with the forefinger and thumb will indicate soreness. Achilles tendinosis is a common injury among middle and long distance runners. Achilles tendon rupture is a partial or complete tear of the Achilles tendon. It comes on suddenly, sometimes with a popping sound, and is debilitating. Partial and full Achilles tendon ruptures are most likely to occur in sports requiring sudden eccentric stretching, such as sprinting and racquet sports.
Partial Achilles tendon tears are also common among middle and long distance runners. Achilles tendon ruptures are most likely to occur to middle age athletes who have not been training or who have been doing relatively little training. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between Achilles tendinosis and a partial Achilles tendon tear. Consult a physician to be sure. For more information on these and other Achilles tendon injuries see: Types of Achilles Tendon Injuries.
Treating Achilles Tendon Injuries
Treatment for Achilles tendinosis includes: relative rest, muscle strengthening, physical therapies (i.e. ultrasound, laser photostimulation, electrical stimulation), and ice. Treatment for an Achilles rupture can be surgical or non-surgical, and involves immobilization, casts or wraps, and physical therapy. Consult a physician to be sure. For more information on treating these and other Achilles tendon injuries see: Treating Achilles Tendon Injuries.


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